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How you can be the leader of your pack...

- Learn positive and negative reinforcement

- Gain confidence in leading your pet

- Create order through obedience training

- In-home training

- Public training

- Understanding your dogs body language

Training For Recall
Teaching How to Retreive
Group Walk in Public

Location: We serve Oklahoma


We are flexible with our client's schedules  

We operate Mon-Sat: 8:00 AM-10 PM

Closed on Sundays


Our clients are motivated and ready for a positive change. Most clients we serve come from multiple different training companies that did not succeed and are ready for the real answers. They are looking for the best of the best training program to go through. One that will rekindle the trust they once had in their dog. 

What we do best:

We train small, medium, large, XL-sized dogs of all breeds. We are diverse trainers capable of working with any dog and getting to the root of any problem.

Off-leash training 

Aggression rehabilitation

Leash aggression and pulling

House Manners & Car Manners

What we aren’t best at:

Puppies under 14 weeks of age. Clients who are unwilling to make the necessary behavioral changes needed to see lasting positive behavioral differences in their dogs.


Our 1st priority is to understand where both the owner and dog are coming from. In misbehaving dogs, there is almost always a miscommunication in the relationship between dog and owner.


Applying behavior modification and analysis to both is the most successful way to train and shape the dog's behavior. 

We believe in a balanced approach to training dogs. Using positive reinforcement for shaping the behaviors we want to see and applying negative reinforcements to the unwanted behaviors before or as they happen. This solves the dog's behavioral issues at the roots.


A balanced approach is the best way to communicate exactly how we expect our dogs to behave and how we do not want them to behave. We train each dog specifically customized for their personalities. For the dogs with a strong desire to please are easily motivated by food, praise, or play, there will be a swift and quick transition to doing what's right and minimal use of corrections.


However, for the dogs who aren't motivated by food, praise, or play and have a strong mentality and years of dopamine addictions to misbehaving and becoming reactive. For them, we typically have to use more corrections to get them to obey their owners.

5 Star Dog Training in Tulsa Oklahoma

Private Training Sessions

Each Session is scheduled 1 week apart and takes 2 hours on average to complete.
These prices are for a 1 dog household. Each additional dog costs $1000 to be a part of the program.

Off-Leash Freedom

Lessons $1800

This program is for clients who want to manage basic unwanted behaviors and to lead their dogs through communication and understanding.


  • Prong Collar

  • Access to APP Curriculum 

 What is taught:

  • Eye contact

  • How to use Prong collar

  • Native canine body language

  • Loose leash walking

Off-Leash + House Manners

3 Lessons $2000

4 Lessons $2200

This is our most popular program. This program covers how to solve any issues you may be having with your dog as well as maximizes your dog's quality of life.


  • 20 foot leash

  • Dog cot

  • E-collar

  • Access to APP Curriculum 

What is taught:

  • Sit duration and distance

  • Place command

  • Eye contact

  • Off leash recall

  • Leash and E-collar skills

  • Native canine body language

  • House manners

  • Off leash & loose leash walking

PT Pricing

Poodles and Golden Doodle Dog Training In Tulsa Oklahoma

The Brookharts

Hayden and his gang at A Peaceful Pack were highly recommended to us by some friends who had their dog go through their training process. APP was very thorough in their “pre-training” interview, learning the background of our dogs, but also what our expectations were. We were, and continue to be very pleased with our investment in their training. Not only were our dogs trained, but we learned a lot about animal behavior and signals and triggers that were specific to our pets. I can not more highly recommend A Peaceful Pack.

Pointer Dog training in OKlahoma

The Goods

Our experience with peaceful pack was fantastic! We have a very energetic pup who Hayden bonded with instantly. She did great at training and he gave us the tools to know how to continue to work with her at home. We continue to use Peaceful Pack for boarding and love how our girl comes home happy and exhausted! Peaceful Pack truly loves each of their dogs and takes wonderful care of them!

Turf Yards Daycare for Dogs in Tulsa

The Barnetts

Hayden and his team changed our lives! Our puppy was out of control and our home became very stressful, but after her board training with A Peaceful Pack our Sassy girl came home a whole new pet! She obeys our commands, walks without a leash, and we feel confident in leading our pack here at home!


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