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Information Regarding Your Private Training

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Trainer Manual

Here is information for you to review leading to your Private Training with Hayden!


Included in Your Training:

  • EZ-900 Transmitter 

  • 1 E-Collar Receiver for your dogs

  • A Treat Pouch, 20ft Long Lead

  • A Good Dog Way Book by Sean O'Shea 

You will need to purchase: An "Elevated dog cot" you will enjoy having in your home.  We will be training the dogs to use the Place command, which is a wonderful command to use when the dog needs to calm his/her energy, when you have company over, when you need the dog to stay in one spot, overall a great tool for you and your dog.  

Here are some examples; make sure it’s a breathable fabric, the correct size based on dog weight, and a color you would enjoy!  Have this set up for your first in-home training session, please!

Chewy Dog Cot.jpg
Amazon Dog Cot.jpg
Chewy Dog cot 3.jpg

Before Training:
We ask that you start cutting back your dogs' food back to 2/3rds of normal the week before the training.  The day before, please only 1/3 and do not feed anything the morning of pick up.  We want to build a quick and strong bond with your dog, and the fastest way to a dog's heart is their belly:).  This is very important to ensure success. 

The first session will last 2-3 hours.  Hayden will work with you to assess how well your dogs perform and work with you to introduce the e-collars.  The following sessions will typically last about 1-2 hours. Hayden will work with you to determine their progression and identify how to improve the training going into the next week.  Each session will end with a set of drills or homework for you to work through with your dogs until your next meeting.  Any time after the start of your private sessions, you are eligible to join us for one of our hosted group walks, which will be announced on our social media pages - Facebook & Instagram.  We highly encourage you to attend one of these group walks so you can bring your dogs around other clients and their dogs and use that as a training opportunity.  

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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the Difference Between Boarding and Boarding With A Trainer?

Boarding with a trainer allows for a more personal and intimate boarding experience.  Our typical boarding allows for the dogs to have more socializing with other pups and freedom on the ranch, while our boarding with a trainer program takes place inside one of our trainers homes.  


What Are The Benefits?

Both services provide a legendary experience for your dog and the extra face time with our boarding with a trainer service allows for us to work specifically on any unwanted or problem behaviors.  While this service does allow for passive training, it is not a 100% guarantee we can solve or train to meet all of your needs.


What Does Passive Training Look Like?

If you've participated in our Boarding & Training Programs then you understand that every interaction is a training opportunity.  Passive training is us honing or tightening lifestyle behaviors such as high energy coming out of the kennel, on/off leash walking and reactivity, house manners, socializing, handling, settling, entering or leaving thresholds, and all the little things that lead to a balanced lifestyle!


Will This Fix My Problems?

Some factors to take into consideration during their stay are the duration of the stay and how far along they are in their understanding of the foundation we’ve laid out. 


How extreme the unwanted behaviors are will also be a variable so those behaviors could be reduced completely or may need additional time.  This also varies from dog to dog!

Please also understand that while we work passively on certain behaviors, we do not dedicate full training lessons or sessions with the dogs unless you choose to opt-in for the $60 boarding and training add-on which includes a 1 hour session per day requested.


Are There Available Trainers?

We will do our best to select your preferred trainer, however, trainers may also have other dogs in training or participating in the boarding with a trainer service.

Your pup will still receive the same legendary experience from each one of our trainers!


Will My Dog Be Around Other Dogs?

Yes!  On average, five nights of the week, our trainers are typically boarding and taking care of two or more training dogs who are participating in our 2-week or 3-week boarding & training program, so any dogs that join for the boarding with a trainer program are included in their active or passive training as long as it does not interfere with their current curriculum.


What If My Dog Has Little Or No Training?

Our foundation for training starts with Pressure, Luring, and E-Collar basics.  If you've received private training, will be participating in upcoming training, or have intentions of some type of future training then we assess where your dog is and work from there.


For example, jumping, high energy, proper greetings, and socialization are behaviors that we can begin to work on and can start laying a foundation for. 


What Type Of Communications Will I Recieve?


Your dedicated trainer will communicate via text and send video updates daily to you.


Included with the $60 training add-on is a specific video talking you through how to manage and work on those specific behaviors you request!

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