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Best places to train your dog in Tulsa...

The best places to train your dog in Tulsa are scattered all throughout the city. The first place I find has everything you'd possibly need to work with on your dog for training is Riverside, particularly from 1st street all the way down to 41st street. Riverside is loaded with dogs, bikes, cars, walkers, joggers, babies, strollers, birds, squirrels, plenty of distractions for your dog to lose his focus, which would give you a great opportunity to train them or work on regaining their focus when it's lost. To have the best dog training on Riverside and Tulsa, I find you definitely need to have a leash or a long lead on your dog or any color. I find those three tools are the best tools to have the best training in Tulsa. The second place I find myself going to the most often is Turkey mountain for dog training. Turkey mountain is an excellent pick to bring your dog to train them through the woods with plenty of distractions and close quarters to work on their disengagement when walking by other bikers, dogs, joggers, or walkers. I find Turkey mountain is one of the best places for dog training in Tulsa because of the tight quarters and the natural environment period. The dogs have difficulty focusing on you, their handler when they're in this environment that's so rich with different stimuli from visual to auditory to physical. It's also a great place to beat the heat in the summer days because most of the trails are totally covered in shade and still allow a nice breeze to blow through.

The third place I'd recommend training your dog would be Hawthorne dog park. For dog training. Hawthorne dog park is definitely a to do because of the amount of dogs that are present there. At any given time. If your dog is specifically working on dog aggression or fear around dogs or how to communicate dogs, the place where you will get the most action for the amount of time that you spend there. I don't always recommend going inside of the dog park, but staying outside of the dog park and then having a few couple of nice owners, dog owners, let you work with them and their dog I find is the best way to go. There are big open fields to work with the color and the long lead to work on the recall training. There's a nice walkway around the pond to work on leash training and how to stop pulling on the leash and how to get your dog in line if they are pulling on the leash and how to effectively use the collar in difficult environments and how to get your dog's focus in those different environments. That's why I, Hawthorne dog park is one of my favorite places to go to for dog training and Tulsa.

The fourth place out at recommend for dog training and Tulsa is West bank soccer fields. Now the Westbank soccer fields aren't really located in the safest part of town, but they make up for the security for the amount of open space and seclusion from everyone else. There are about 10 soccer fields butted up next to each other, allowing for a massive open field with the finest green grass in it. And I find that all the dogs love to sprint and run and they have a great time being able to be off leash in this field. This field would be perfect for recalled training or off-leash training with the collar. There are very minimal distractions. Um, geese are the only things I've ever had to worry about while training my dog in Tulsa at Westbank soccer fields. For open space, recall training E collard training, focus training, um, West bank soccer fields are definitely the place to go to.

The fifth place I would recommend for dog training and Tulsa. If you're looking to get the best dog training and Tulsa This is where to go. the open field by waterfront apartments, the field that they use for Oktoberfest. This field is not as large as the West bank soccer fields and provides more Gies flocks of geese are always there and more dogs because the waterfront apartments are, uh, right butted up right next to this. Uh, all the dogs from the waterfront apartments constantly come and they run and they play on this field. Uh, the biking trail from Riverside runs right through it. So you've got the joggers of walkers, the runners, and there's a nice playground to work on. So, um, desensitizing your dog to, uh, in different events. This place is also another great place to work on ecology training, off-leash training, recall training, long distance sit, stays down, stays, and um, how to maintain focus on you during those distractions. Those are a couple of reasons why it's one of the best places for dog training in Tulsa.

The sixth place I would recommend is downtown Tulsa. Now downtown Tulsa is very busy. Plenty of cars, plenty of distractions, plenty of noises. So this is the place I would work on. Dogs that have difficulty pulling, um, difficulty not focusing on the handler, not using the collar properly, um, or that are easily distracted. If your dog is struggling with those issues downtown Tulsa, walking on leash from block to block is definitely going to improve your dog's overall confidence. Uh, as long as you're providing structured leadership in a form that they understand and it's in the heart of Tulsa, naturally, this would be a great place for Tulsa dog training.

The seventh and final place that I would recommend dog training in Tulsa would be in local pet stores. Oftentimes, pet stores will allow your dog to go in them and they are a great place to work on ignoring other dogs in the store. Most oftentimes, the dogs in the stores are not trained, so they will bark and growl and get raised their energy to get closer to your dog, which inevitably will make your dog anxious. And this gives you a great opportunity to work with them on that anxiousness. I recommend Southern agriculture's. Those are the best places I like to go to. I find the energy is much more calm and relaxed in there. A second place to Hollywood pet stores. Awesome place. And then of course, PetSmart would be a good place to take your dog as well. So those are just the top seven places that I find are the best places for dog training in Tulsa.

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