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Tulsa Dog Training Galore: The Best Places to Take Your Dog In Tulsa

Tulsa city exhibits 135 glorious parks covering roughly 6,553 acres. There is plenty to do within the included 50+ miles of walking trails, 90+ picnic shelters, parks, and eight disc golf courses. Dog owners with well-behaved or trained dogs have plenty of options when it comes to outdoor adventures!

A Peaceful Pack local dog Trainers in Tulsa training German Shepard, Husky, Australian Shepard, and reimer weiner on off leash and public obedience
Local dog trainers In Tulsa, Hayden (left) and Andrea(right) with A Peaceful Pack, training their dogs in public.

If you're looking for a place to take your furry friend that will allow them to experience life to the fullest, Tulsa offers plenty of dog-friendly areas for you and your pooch. Experience a delightful, vibrant, and social environment, or keep to yourself as you bathe in the beautiful Tulsa weather with your canine friend.

Please be mindful of adjustments to hours of operations for some of these bars, breweries, or restaurants as Covid-19 pandemic regulations may be in effect, along with masks and social distancing!

While many of our trained pups receive training for off-leash lifestyles and obedience, pet owners should still have a leash available!

Dog Trainers working on on-leash and off-leash public walks near Utica Square, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Local dog trainers are working on on-leash, and off-leash public walks near Utica Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Public obedience, heels, and leash reactivity are only the tip of the iceberg in our boarding and training program.

A Peaceful Pack clients have heard us often say that we tend to avoid dog parks for play because everyone has a different definition of a "good" dog. Socialization standards are subjective across the board for all owners. We can never fully trust what other dogs or owners are capable of regarding obedience and proper mannerisms during play.

We typically advise clients who have been through our dog training to use public dog parks as a place for training sessions. They are a great place to work on reactivity, focused loose leash heels, off-leash, socialization with proper supervision, and proper greetings are great areas of focus.

Another alternative for a more casual outing is to venture out during hours with minimal traffic to maximize your off-leash experience!

Heirloom Rustic Ales 3 PM-11 PM

2113 E. Admiral Blvd., Tulsa, OK 74110

An excellent environment for human and canine socialization, this location is much more enjoyable when your dogs have confidence around people and other animals. Heirloom offers delicious beers and other non-alcohol beverages on its menu. Their indoor taproom and large outdoor backyard provide plenty of room for you to roam and participate in social activities or games. This brewery was designed for dogs by dog people. You can worry less about public accidents because they've created an atmosphere for easy clean-up!

River Parks Trail System - Tulsa Dog Training Heaven!

Various locations along the Arkansas River serve for long strolls and mother nature. The experienced power walker can enjoy 9 miles of paved trails with an abundance of bathrooms, fountains, and landmarks. There is plentiful access to parking for those looking to venture on shorter adventures.

Many of our public training occur nearby at the walk-through Gathering Place and other dining establishments, bars, and patios. Chances are you'll run into A Peaceful Pack training loose leash walks or public group training!

Guthrie Green

111 E. Reconciliation Method, Tulsa, OK 74103

Concerts, festivals, green markets, fitness classes, a sleek cafe & more in an urban dog-friendly park! Sign your pup up for activities, dine at fine food establishments, or stop by on Food Truck on Wednesday in September. Guthrie Green stays true to its slogan "land for you and me," bringing in friends and family to their free events and endless ways to have a great time with your pup.

There's a lot of foot activity here, so hone your dogs' focus and confidence before jumping into this excursion!

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

6850 S. Elwood Ave., Tulsa, OKAY 74132

A few minutes from the Tulsa Hills shopping center, Turkey Mountain is your go-to if you're craving a more remote location. Trails are accessible from multiple parking locations, and you'll have access to acres of woodland trails. Unless your dog has the equivalence of exceptional off-leash recall like that taught to our trained dogs, it is highly recommended that your dogs stay on leash.

Bohemian Pizza Weekdays 4 PM-9 PM, Weekends 11 AM-9/10 PM

818 E 3rd St., Tulsa, OKAY 74120

Bohemian offers unique wood-fired pizzas & handmade pasta alongside distinctive cocktails and Italian wines. An ideal lounge with bench seating and complimentary blankets for staying cozy on cold nights. If your pup is capable of lap sessions and smaller spaces, this is the spot for you!

Set your reservations and include your pup in your party size!

Biscuit Acres Pet Park - Wednesday through Sunday from 5 AM-9 PM

5804 E. 91st St., Tulsa, OK 74137

Dogs and owners have logged thousands of hours of play at this outdoor sanctuary. Built by the Southside Rotary Club on $100,000 of tax-deductible donations to the Southside Rotary Foundation, the park has been bustling with activity since 2009.

Take your dogs here if you're looking for a public play place with separate sections for dogs under or over 30 pounds. Worry less about hydration as the park comes equipped with fountains and hydrants! Enjoy plenty of shade from trees in maintained grass and know you're a part of a community that picks up after themselves with potty bags or metal scoops provided free of charge by the park.

American Solera 4 PM–9 PM

1702 E. 6th St. Tulsa, OK

Spacious outdoors with giant picnic tables come second to Solara's craft beer selection. Have your four-legged best friend tag along for a day of drinking and get in some training reps if you're looking to boost your dog's confidence when meeting strangers!

Roosevelt's 11 AM–10 PM

1551 E. 15th St., Tulsa, OK 74120

Roosevelts is one of the finest restaurants on Cherry Street, with fans and heaters for year-round comfort. There are many reasons Roosevelts is a beautiful place to take your furry friend, including their pet-friendly patio. Brunch is a unique attraction at this venue, with various frozen drinks, extensive beer options, and fantastic food choices.

Holidays bring high foot traffic, so be on the lookout for long wait times!

Joe Station Pet Dog Park 5 AM–11 PM

2279 Charles Page Blvd., Tulsa, OK 74127

A known favorite for many Tulsa dog owners, this dog park is located near downtown Tulsa. You'll have access to adequate parking and plenty of green to roam. Volunteers maintain and tend to the premises after hours. The park has two divided areas for large and small pups.

Utilization of this location for trained dogs will benefit owners looking to improve reactivity, socialization, and proper greetings with new people!

Open Container 4 PM- 12 AM

502 E. 3rd St. # 39, Tulsa, OK 74120

A family-friendly, pet-friendly bar and grill with one of the best Tulsa patios and views of downtown! If you're looking for a relaxing sunset view downtown with your furry friend, this evolved shipping container bar is the place to grab a drink. Trivia Tuesdays bring increased activity if you're looking for a training session to work down stays, focus, confidence, and improve reactive behaviors (for the experts).

Elgin Park 11 AM–10 PM

325 E. Reconciliation Method, Tulsa, OK 74120

If you've ever dreamed of taking your dog to the ball game, Bark in the Park at ONEOK Field on Wednesday nights is your dream come true. This brewery brings the best beer, sports, and pizza into one. Elgin Park can be found by the baseball stadium and offers excellent patio space and great canine seating. Enjoy the game with your canine friend on 50 television screens!

Honorable Mentions: Off Or On-Leash Dog Parks

  • Rose West Dog Park

  • Stuart Park

  • Haikey Creek Park

  • Kelly Lane Park

  • Bark Park

  • Cooper Dog Park

  • Waggin Trail Dog Park

  • Route 66 Dog Park

  • Benjamin Biscuit Acres Dog Park

Honorable Mentions: Dog-Friendly Restaurants

  • Blue Rose Cafe

  • Polo Grill

  • Starbucks

  • The Wild Fork

  • Chik-Fil-A

  • Coffee House on Cherry Street

  • Queenies

  • Pei Wei

  • Leon's

  • Coney I-Lander

  • Stonehorse Cafe

  • Bill's Jumbo Burgers

  • Cafe Cubana

  • Smashburger

  • Cosmo Cafe And Bar

  • The Chalkboard

  • Mercury Lounge

  • Lucky's On The Green

  • Blue Moon Cafe

  • Naples Flatbread & Wine Bar

Honorable Mentions: Other Dog-Friendly Locations

  • The Gardens at Gilcrease Museum

  • RiverWalk Crossing

  • Lowe's

  • Home Depot

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