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Grace - Cavapoo - Two Week Boarding and Training - A Peaceful Pack Dog Training in Tulsa Oklahoma

Grace was the wildest of wild Cavapoo's to come into our two-week boarding and training.

When we first started with her she was too afraid to even walk on a leash - so afraid that she'd actually plop flat on the ground and let herself be dragged across any terrain.

Grace has all the energy in the world but didn't know how to control herself around guests. Jumping, separation anxiety, lack of recall were some of her biggest doggy behavior problems. Throughout the two weeks, she transformed into a dog that could walk off-leash with her owner, come when called, and could stay on place despite how many distractions you threw at her.

We are truly proud of her transformation with us!

Cavapoos are highly intelligent and trainable dogs. Training requires more positive reinforcement methods as they have a gentle nature. Grace required a lot of TLC and was easily frightened.

Cavapoos like to be guided and are obedient if they know their place in the pack, so leadership and structure are the most important aspects of her training. They are fast learners, love to perform tricks, and get praise and rewards.

A great aspect of working with Grace was her high intelligence allowed for short, consistent, enjoyable, fun, and not too intensive training sessions.

Check out the quick videos below to see her transformation from plopping on a leash to walking in public!

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