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Why use an E-collar?


E-collar training is essential for off-leash ability. It is also a non-emotional correction, which won't deteriorate the relationship you have built. High-level stimulations are useful for significantly decreasing unwanted behaviors; this type of stimulation should only be used in extreme situations where nothing else has worked (e.g. running into a busy street or approaching other threatening animals). 

Do you have puppy consultations?

We do offer a one time puppy consultation for $150, this is ideal for dogs under 6 months of age.  We address potty training, coming when called, play biting and overall puppy management with this session.  It is great information and tips to get you to the 6th month mark where you could do Private or Board & Training.

Can you teach my dog how to walk on a treadmill?

We can teach your dog to safely walk on a treadmill for high energy dogs, or families that have a limited amount of time to exercise their dog outside.  Or on really cold, wet or super hot days, it is a great option to meet their physical needs.

How long does private training last?

Our private training lessons are 2-3 hours long.  Based on what you want to work on with your dog, we can tackle these issues in 1-4 lessons.  An assessment with a head trainer will help you identify what is needed and would be best for your dog. 

What's the benefit of Boarding & Training?


A major benefit of having your pup with us for 2-3 weeks is the ability to ingrain behavior change. It takes 21 days to create new habits and by working with the dogs day in and day out we see powerful transformations.  Many clients say, " I can't believe this is the same dog" at drop off.  It is also good for anxiety and socialization, which is harder to address during private lessons in your home.

What is clicker training?


Clicker training, or mark and reward, is a form of positive reinforcement dog training.  The clicker or marker communicates the exact moment your dog does what you want. The timing of the click is essential and every click must be followed by a reward.

Does it matter the size of my dog?


Size of dog only really matters to us when grooming, not training.  We can train all breeds of dogs, all shapes and all sizes.

Do you offer a 100% guarantee?


We stand behind our training 100% and if you follow our House rules and training recommendations, we feel confident in guaranteeing success.  But consistency in keeping up the commands, practicing and making sure the dogs physical and mental needs are meet will go a long way in keeping your dog obedient and peaceful.

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