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Manolo the Basenji - 2 Week Boarding and Training

A Peaceful Pack 5 Star Review - Tori and Manolo - Basenji Dog Training In Tulsa Oklahoma

Basenji's are notoriously difficult to train. Manolo came to us with a handful of problem behaviors such as biting, jumping, lack of recall, and pulling on the leash. Over three weeks, we successfully solved all his problems. All his previous issues stemmed from miscommunications between him and his handler.

Basenji and Doodle Boarding and Training in Tulsa and Skiatook Oklahoma
Manolo the Basenji and Sadie the Doodle became best friends during their two week boarding and Training

We taught Manolo the necessary behaviors to live a harmonious life in a real-world human environment. Then we taught Tori how to effectively implement his trained behaviors successfully in everyday situations. Thank you so much for the review, and we look forward to seeing him in daycare and future group walks!

Two Week Boarding and Training- Basenji Dog Training in Tulsa and Skiatook Oklahoma
Tori with her Basenji, Manolo after his Two Week Boarding and Training Graduation!

Do you have a stubborn Basenji in your household causing a ruckus? Reach out to us and get a free assessment! We are provide top class dog training in Tulsa and Skiatook Oklahoma.

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