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Off Leash Recall: Why K9 Obedience Dog Training is Important

Is your dog ignoring you when you let them off leash while you're on a walk, or are they refusing to come back when you ask them? Maybe your dog training has been perfect in the home, but everything falls apart as soon as you leave the house.

Recall problems are prevalent for new dog owners and experienced dog trainers. In this article, I'm going to help you understand the root of your unwanted dog problems so you can solve your problems once and for all.

Suki and Flash, are sister Borgi's who have received Tulsa dog training services from A Peaceful Pack.  They participate in our Off Leash Nature Walks on our 180 acre ranch!
Suki and Flash are sister Borgi's who have received Tulsa dog training services from A Peaceful Pack. They participate in our Off Leash Nature Walks on our 180-acre ranch!

If you are new to A Peaceful Pack, we are dog trainers specializing in obedience and behavioral dog training in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A unique term we use to classify our work is "Canine Rehabilitation and Behavior Modification Specialists."

Our mission and purpose are to help as many of you become calm, consistent, confident canine leaders capable of living and raising perfect canine companions. So if you want to join our fantastic canine family, subscribe to our newsletter for blog releases and follow us on our social media for future content.

Owners & Trainers Struggle With Recall

If you haven't got your dog yet and you're reading this article because you want to set yourself up for success in terms of recall preemptively, congratulations, because that is precisely the approach you need to take. In our dog Boarding & Training Programs, that is how we teach clients from day one how to get recall mastered perfectly the first time around.

If you are reading this, it is because you've got it wrong somewhere along the way, or the current training methods are just not working. Whether you have purchased a puppy from a breeder, rescue dogs, or adopted an adult dog from a shelter.

You may be in the same situation many of our previous clients struggled with: your dog is ignoring you and not coming back to you when you ask, and now it's time to find training classes, a course, or new dog trainers.

We've had dog owners come from all walks of life, with dogs of all breeds and ages, and 80% of the time, their dogs are "good" at recalling inside the home... but when it's time to leave the house, they can't trust their dog to come for the life of them.

Obedience and Leadership Training Go Hand-In-Hand

After acquiring the neccesary communication skills, Molly's owners can now enroll their Portuguese water dog in sport classes.
After acquiring the necessary communication skills, Molly's owners can now enroll their Portuguese water dog in sports classes.

Our belief for the canine recall is that it kind of stems from two things, really: Obedience & Leadership. This knowledge is taught in our group class, where we discuss obedience and leadership issues in depth and bring our focus to those areas for stronger communication.

Before we dig too deep, please understand that not all dogs are the same, and there may be other underlying issues at play for your dog. That is why it is crucial to have a behavioralist discuss and assess your dogs' problems at the core before you invest in group classes, private training, or board and train options.

We offer free assessment and consultation calls to dig deeper into your dogs' unwanted behaviors to accomplish our mission. We are the go-to dog trainer in Tulsa for training beyond obedience. Contact us or book a free call here.

Your Dog Decides What's Valuable

When clients train dogs, an obedience issue means that the command you've trained to get your dog back to you isn't ingrained enough. It is often either because of obedience, leadership, or both. Imagine it as a Venn Diagram that bridges both issues.

Your dog understands what you mean by your recall command - whether it's "come," "here," or whatever it is you use. It knows what it means, but your dog is deciding to ignore you because whatever is over there is far more exciting and more important or interesting to them. You are making a request rather than a command.

Then the other side of the issue that often essentially goes hand-in-hand with both problems is leadership. Your dog might have the best obedience training in the world and a detailed understanding of a recall command, but now, your dog is just saying, "Nah, mom, I don't want to listen to you."

A blatant disrespect or obvious choice to blow you off is the most common issue dog owners encounter: a lack of leadership. Your dog doesn't respect you as a calm, consistent leader, and your dog feels that it can make decisions for itself and doesn't have to listen to your guidance.

Our Tulsa dog training programs include puppy classes!