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Winston - Scottish Terrier - Boarding and Training Graduation

Winston knew all his tricks, sit, down, rollover, and speak on command. However, he had oftentimes chosen when he wanted to comply and when he could just walk away. He was potty trained to go outside, yet still had issues with going inside after he'd already been let out.

As the mascot of @ambermarieandco in Tulsa, Winston was surrounded by customers and public distractions in his daily life. With all the freedom in the world, he would bark, have high energy, and even jump on guests who entered the shop.

Amber, his owner, sent him to us for obedience work and to help him connect the dots. Over the span of three weeks, Winston has transformed into a whole new dog. He has gained the ability to control his impulses, stay calm and collected around high energy, and obey commands when asked the first time. He can now be walked off-leash in public in a heel, and even recall from a distance!

Here at A Peaceful Pack we take pride in providing the most legendary training for your dog so that they may live their best life.

We provide private lessons, 2-3 week boarding and training, private access daycare and boarding, grooming, and work with all dogs of all ages. We provide services in the Tulsa and Skiatook local area.

If you are experiencing issues with aggression, reactivity, disobedience, high energy, inappropriate house manners, or any other dog problems please reach out to us for a free consultation!

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