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Why dog training is important!

Have you ever been to somebody's house and you're excited to see the person, but their dog was more excited to see you? Then as soon as you walked into the door, their dog sprints up, jumps on you, play bites, you, scratches you, and all of your excitement towards your friend is immediately redirected and towards frustration and perhaps even a little paranoia towards the dog that's jumping all over you. Or have you ever been outside running or walking and then seeing a dog on a leash start to bark, growl and lunge and nearly pull the handler he was holding on the other end of the leash holding the leash almost over a, or if you've ever walked by a dog behind a fence barking aggressively and almost jumping over the fence, these are all areas that will create a lot of anxiety. these are the reasons why it's important to have a well-trained dog. A lot of people think that their dog should be allowed to choose and decide to make decisions on themselves without any guidance because they don't want to interfere with the natural way of things. This way of thinking is extremely flawed. Even in the wild.

The alpha dog is constantly teaching the pack of what's acceptable, what's unacceptable and behavior like mother raises her child and teaches her, even if the mother is not a very good mother in a sense of how much she teaches. That child still learns by association how to sit and eat, how to use the restroom, how to bathe. Some of the basic functions of life are still taught and so too. We also need to teach our dog some of the basic functions of life. For dog training you need to see yourself not as the dog's mother or father, but more so as the dog sire or the dog shepherd. And I find this mindset allows you the leadership role to be able to handle anything that comes and also keeps you a little bit distant from the emotional level to where you don't feel like you're correcting your son because your dog is not your son or your child. Your dog is an animal who thinks totally different than any human being does. And if you think that your dog thinks like a human, what you're doing is uh, placing human characteristics on the animal, which is called anthropomorphism, which is the number one cause of all dog behavioral problems. Treating a dog like a human is going to lead to issues. They're not humans, they're animals.

For some of the best dog training I've seen, um, be done is finding ways to simply lead the dog at critical moments. And if you just lead the dog in these critical moments and you train them during these times, over time, your dog will automatically train himself. So for dog training, whenever an a person comes, simply have them text you five minutes before they get there and now you can start to work with your dog right before they get there. Uh, whether that's managing the dog's behavior, uh, by dog training simply by putting them in the kennel or putting them in a separate room that's still dog training. Or if you want a dog training with a little more hand on, you can put a leash on your dog. Um, work some corrections at the dog barks, lunges, growls freak out. You can tug the dog backwards.

You could put a prong collar on him and tug it with the prong collar. You can apply an E collar and shut down the engagement.

You can also use a Bonker to stop the dog from being a reactive state. And then once you get the dog to be focused or regained, um, a thoughtful state of mind and you can direct them towards another area of the house. And uh, over time the dog is going to avoid the correction that you applied and then seek the new behavior that you taught. So that's really solid dog training. That'll end up very quickly. You'll see that the dog will show less reactivity and then will start to obey and you will have to do very little leadership if so, if you do good dog training and good leadership, now you'll have to do less dog training lady.  it's also important to note that you're always dog training. Whether you want a dog train or not, you're always dog training even simply by sitting there eating and allowing your dog to stare at you. You are dog training. Whatever behaviors you permit is teaching the dog that this is what you want. Whatever behaviors you simply allow by being lazy is still dog training. Your dog is still learning what's acceptable because you haven't told them what's unacceptable. Better to be a hands-on dog trainer or a hands on dog leader rather than a hands off. Both of them are still training. One leads to probably lawsuits and a lack of friends. And then the other leads to more friends and um, you know, more peace in the home.

These are some of the few reasons why it's important to have your dog well trained, whether you hire a professional to do it or whether you do it themselves. And if you're going to hire a professional, I recommend finding of professional dog trainer that uses both positive reinforcements. Now positive reinforcement is what I mean by that is using treats when the dog does right, using praise, using food when the dog does correct. But also, we would need a dog trainer that uses negative reinforcements, uh, that uses some sort of negative association to things where the dog seeks to avoid the negative reinforcers and moves into the, uh, the behaviors that have been taught that we want. That sort of training is a well-balanced and well versed. And we'll get a long way. We'll go a long way with, uh, the dogs. It's important to train your dog. It's important to have good dog training. It's important to have well balanced dog training with both mercy and severity. It's important to use whatever tool your dog responds to, and it's important to just remember that you are always training your dog whether you think you are or not.

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