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Zion - Brittany Spaniel - Three Week Boarding & Training - A Peaceful Pack Dog Training in Tulsa

Zion is a young Brittany Spaniel with excessive energy and tons of unconditional love. She came to us with common household problems such as jumping, biting, and constant wandering around the house. Along with basic commands, we worked with Zion to tap into her inner calmness and be more tempered and willing to listen to commands the first time.

One of the main struggles with a young pup like Zion is that she would easily shut down when training. She tended to do this when she was so intently focused on distractions around her that she wouldn't feel the e-collar stimulation at the beginning of training. While most trainers may lose their patience and become severe, this type of behavior is best addressed with the opposite - fun and engagement. The trainers had to figure out a way to make training more interesting to her than the environment around her. Once we tapped into that little secret, Zion's training was a breeze!

Now Zion lives her best life with her owners off-leash, in public, and in the house! Here at A Peaceful Pack, we take pride in providing the most legendary training for your dog so that they may live their best life.

We provide private lessons, 2-3 week boarding and training, private access daycare and boarding, grooming, and work with all dogs of all ages. We provide services in the Tulsa and Skiatook local area.

If you are experiencing issues with aggression, reactivity, disobedience, high energy, inappropriate house manners, or any other dog problems, please reach out to us for a free consultation!

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