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Discover How To Bring Peace Back Into Your Home!

Our training goes beyond basic obedience and commands!

A Peaceful Pack provides the best dog training experience so you can enjoy the luxury of living your best life with your furry friend anywhere and everywhere in all situations!

Our training is designed to strengthen the bond with your dog by creating a stronger, healthier relationship through clear communication lines and providing you with the knowledge to truly understand your dog!

If You've Got a Pushy, Energetic, Strong-Willed, Tough, Challenging Dog, It's Time For A Peaceful Pack

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The Perfect Solution If You Want To Have An Amazing Companion Without Using A Squirt Bottle, Carrying Treats, And Struggling With Social Anxiety Around Friends & Family.

Specialized Training

Two or 3-Week Personalized training curriculum designed specifically for each dog's individual needs, which means that your dog stays their unique character.

We aim to serve people who require real solutions beyond basic obedience and commands. We don't provide band-aids.

Balanced Dog Training

Learn to handle, communicate, lead, discipline, and manage your dog with treats, toys, verbal, and only necessary tools inside and outside your home.

We develop well-balanced dogs with customized obedience training, off-leash training, puppy training, and behavior modification & rehabilitation training.

Communication & Videos

Face-To-Face training sessions help dog owners to shift from dog lovers and playmates to strong, balanced, pack leaders, which means you can bring Peace Back Into Your Home.

Receive daily documented training videos, picture updates, and access to our library of training videos and content before, during, and after your training is complete!

 Continued Support

You don't have to be a dog whisperer to have an obedient dog in stressful situations!

Along with training, you gain access to our Private Facebook Community, Daycare, and Boarding Services, and invitations to future group walk or training seminars!

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If you are struggling and frustrated with these behaviors, our training is for you!



Separation Anxiety

Leash Pulling



Possessive or Protective Behaviors

Potty Training

Socialization with Dogs

Socialization With Humans


High Energy In & Outside The Home


Darting Out The Door



Biting & Nipping

Focus & Obedience