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Pick Up & Drop-Off Included!

Pet Care Services - Boarding, Daycare, Grooming In Tulsa Oklahoma



Dogs thrive in social settings. Scheduling your dog to be apart of a friendly canine community is the best way to contribute to the overall well being of your dog. You’ll notice a richer personality, and deeper understanding for dog to human and human to dog communication.


Day Stay


Trust. Safety. Fun. 


Why do Tulsa pet parents choose A Peaceful Pack for Pet Care?

There are many factors to choosing a pet care program that will meet all your dog’s needs. Trust, safety, and fun are critical factors that should be priorities in every pet parent’s mind. 

Our priorities are to provide you with peace of mind while your dog is in our care, to create an orderly atmosphere, to ensure your dog is safe, and to give your dog the freedom to be able to live its best life.  

At A Peaceful Pack, we offer exclusive and legendary pet care to pups that have been temper tested and trained.  The pack is always monitored by highly trained staff. 



Year Round Pet Care

When you can’t shower your furry family member with all the love, time, and attention they deserve, turn to A Peaceful Pack

Our pet care program fulfills your dog's mental and physical needs.  We work your dog's mind by training him on our obstacle course or by brushing up on commands, skills, and tricks.    

Physical needs are met by hours of socialization, playtime or nature walks throughout the ranch.

For the best and most legendary experience, dogs of different playstyles and natures are grouped separately to maximize freedom and fun.   


Our fenced-in turf yards combined with a beautiful 180 acres of land means it's a never-ending fun and non-stop tail-wagging adventure for your dog. 


End your day knowing your dog experienced a legendary adventure playing and socializing with new and old friends.