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- Pulling on the leash

-Barking at other dogs or animals

- Chewing on furniture, socks,     house hold items

- Doesn't come when called

- Jumping on guests

- Separation anxiety 



Our 1st priority is to understand where both the owner and dog are coming from. In misbehaving dogs, there is almost always a miscommunication in the relationship between dog and owner.


Applying behavior modification and analysis to both is the most successful way to train and shape the dog's behavior. 

We believe in a balanced approach to training dogs. Using positive reinforcement for shaping the behaviors we want to see and applying negative reinforcements to the unwanted behaviors before or as they happen. This solves the dog's behavioral issues at the roots.


A balanced approach is the best way to communicate exactly how we expect our dogs to behave and how we do not want them to behave. We train each dog specifically customized for their personalities. For the dogs with a strong desire to please are easily motivated by food, praise, or play, there will be a swift and quick transition to doing what's right and minimal use of corrections.


However, for the dogs who aren't motivated by food, praise, or play and have a strong mentality and years of dopamine addictions to misbehaving and becoming reactive. For them, we typically have to use more corrections to get them to obey their owners.


Obedience Training

2-3 weeks

Our main goal is to create a calm dog that isn’t reactive to everyday sounds, noises or other environmental stimulants. Once your dog's everyday triggers are pacified, then we begin our obedience training to create the behaviors you desire for a more peaceful home. This training will be more customized to your lifestyle rather than a set of tricks that your dog can do.

-"Come" tells your dog to come to you in any environment

-Walking on or off-leash past any distraction

-"Down", "Sit", and "Place" for behavioral management

-"Out" to tell your dog to leave the area

-"Break" lets your dog know they are free to get out of the command

-"Heel" tells your dog to get into your hip pocket and get ready to walk with you

We teach the dogs how to overcome fears and develop confidence by walking across an obstacle coarse made with A-Frames, See Saws, and Balance Beams. Also we teach proper reciprocal dog to dog communication so all the dogs are fluent in their native tongue. This solves many behavioral issues in itself. Our training includes handling exercises to teach the dogs how to relax and remain calm while being touched or groomed.

Part of the training includes staying in a down position for the duration of a meal on a restaurant patio, and walking in a highly populated public area while being off-leash or without pulling on the leash. After training your dog will be able to accompany wherever you go.

The Board & Training has built in private lessons to ensure you fully understand how to confidently lead and manage your dog in any real world setting.

During these private lessons we teach

-How to use the mini educator

-The 4 Pillars of the mini educator

-How to stop all unwanted behaviors you are currently seeing in your dog and any future behaviors that might come up

-How to walk or play with your dog without their leash on 

-The native canine body language (a fan favorite)

-Our 14 house rules so you know how to maintain a well balanced dog through the duration of their lifetime

When your dog is in our Board & Training program we send pictures and videos daily or often as requested. 

2 weeks-$2,600 3 weeks-$3,500

Intensive Behavioral Training

5-8 weeks

We have never turned a dog away from our program. We have a proven method for getting any dog into a calm state and instilling the ability to walk confidently in various situations. We have helped countless dogs with intense violent behavior by basing the solution on the cause of the aggression. We work with dogs that have hurt people and other pets. Aggression is not like working on regular obedience commands; it is hazardous for our staff and takes much longer to work.

5 to 8 weeks- Starts at $4,300 up to $6,000



Our puppies came home exhausted! We boarded them for 5 days and they seemed to have a blast. Hayden sent us pictures and videos of updates while we were gone which made us happy! When we picked them up they were bathed and smelt great! I was glad to not have to give them baths after being gone so long. I would highly recommend trusting him with your pups!

The Spears

Hayden & his team love dogs and our puppy Koala had a great time staying over the weekend. I really liked the text message updates I got about how my puppy was doing and I can see that she's already better behaved after spending time at A Peaceful Pack! They very accommodating with my unpredictable schedule and I really appreciate their flexibility. I will be recommending A Peaceful Pack to my friends!


I have had multiple dogs be sent to trainers and I’ve never dealt with a company that takes more pride in their job, and puts this much care and compassion in their efforts to train. 10/10 I will never choose another dog trainer after using A Peaceful Pack.


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