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How much exercise should your dog be getting?

This question depends on what sort of breed you have. Do you have a working dog? Do you have a boxer? Do you have a bulldog? Do your dog? Is your dog hyper? Do you have a Husky?

If you will break it down into low energy, medium energy, and high energy. If your dog is a low energy dog, does your dog still need to have exercise? If he is comfortable sleeping all day, yes, your dog still needs to get exercise. Uh, you're the lucky few of the dog groups because you don't need to be doing it for long periods of time, but just because you don't need to be doing it for a long period of time doesn't mean you don't need to be doing it at all. You need to get out. You need to walk your dog. You need to get, take a dog to a dog park. You need to take your dog to a, uh, daycare. You need to take your dog out for walks or take your dog to a field and have them play. I'm playing in the backyard with your dog isn't necessarily good. My favorite types of exercise Work on the dogs' reactivity and keep them in a calm, cool, collected state. say we're going for a short dog walk. I'm going to make sure my dogs not sniffing, eating, licking, pooping, distracted by other dogs. His focus is ahead. He's moving forward. He's not slowing down. He's moving with me. I take her right. He takes her right with me. I'd take a left, he takes a left with me. And that's how I have the best sort of exercise for your dog and the best dog training. While you are doing the minimal amount of exercise for your maybe Basset hound or pug, a breed that doesn't require much energy at all. Now, if you have a medium energy dog, you're going to need to do those same things, but only a little bit longer. Your dog is going to need to be able to walk for probably 25 minutes. Take them out to a field, play fetch for 30 minutes, 25 minutes. Um, daycares are a great way to get the dog's energy out. Um, and if you have a high energy dog, you're going to be needing to do like a treadmill for 60 minutes, a day of 50-minute walk, uh, playing fetch until the dog doesn't want to any longer. And then pushing him even farther. Um, as are great ways to get some exercise for a high energy dog.

Now different sorts of exercises have different sorts of qualities. If your dog is bonkers, your dog is jumping off the walls, high energy playing fetch may only encourage him to be high energy. So that may not be your best bet. Instead of just having him throw it, you might want to work his reactivity by telling him to sit and then have him stay while you throw the ball. And if he runs to get the ball after you said, sit correct him, bring him back, have him do it again until you can throw the ball without him running towards it. This will work on his trigger, his on and off switch. And instead of keeping him always on, always hyper, always ready to chase a ball, a squirrel, cat, rabbit, what have you. Now you're going to be able to work an off switch on him and to where he now stops going. High energy, he's thoughtful, he's calm, cool, collected. He's able to be aware of his surroundings and this is a great way to work a high energy dog. The walk is my favorite. Typically, it takes about 50 to 60 minutes to hit the sweet spot with the high energy dogs where they finally transition over into a calm, peaceful state. And the beautiful thing about dog walking is once they hit that peaceful state, they carry that with them throughout the day. It's really easy to get them back to it if they slip and go hyper or crazy. It's really nice and simple to bring them right back to this state of mind that they were in with the walk and that will last all day long. Just to remember the rules of the walk. No leash pulling, no barking at other dogs, no whining, no peeing, no pooping, no pulling on the leash, no jumping, no. Basically, just you stay with me and I will walk and you follow while I lead. That's the rules. Now, the treadmill is one of my also favorite ways to exercise dogs. Teaching your dog to get on the treadmill can be a little bit tricky at times, but oftentimes when we start to work with dogs in the treadmill, we can get it within 10 minutes and the dog is going to be enjoying himself after about 30 minutes. Typically, the treadmill is a great way because if it's raining outside and you don't want to walk or play ball, now you have a way to exercise your dog, especially if there's going to be rain and mud on a period of days, a linear. Now, when the dog is on the treadmill, walking or running, this is going to be a great way to, uh, get him exercise.  The left foot, right foot, the slow drone of the treadmill, not really going anywhere, but yet it's still moving. Keeps the dog's mindset. Um, and a Zen like state. And then you can raise and lower the speed of the treadmill based upon your dog's energy and how hard of a workout you want to give him. These things are fantastic ways of getting your dog to be exercised, whether you have a low energy dog, a high energy dog, or a medium energy dog. Those are the, some of the best ways that we do. They're great for the best dog training and Tulsa, or for using an equal or training or for using leash or a prong collar training or positive reinforcement training or any sort of opera or classical conditioning training. Those ways will help that training process to really stick and solidify, to keep your dog's mind and a healthy, calm, cool, collected state of mind.

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