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How to make dog training simple and fun!

The first thing that you're going to need to do before you start dog training is write down your goals and problem behaviors.  Instead of just sitting down thinking about it, if you want to just do this as you go along, uh, just spend two full days with your dog and live normally with your dog. Take your dog out for a walk and then at the end of each day, then to start to write down, did your dog pull on a leash when he saw a squirrel? Did your dog jump up on the counter to eat food? Did you dog sniff in the trash? Did your dog come when called the very first time? Um, was your dog looking you in the eyes? And then once you start to see, uh, basically just ask yourself, what does my dog do that annoys me? And at that point you can start the dog training, targeting specifically those problem behaviors. There are some simple things you can do right off the bat to get better obedience with your dog. One of those things is to always have a high value treat, uh, on your person at all times. I only like to carry treats and a treat pouch and I'll carry some sort of scrumptious morsel that the dogs really enjoy. And um, I'll be using this throughout the day. So inside in a low setting, I'll say the dog's name and then I'll hold out the tasty morsel. The dog is obviously going to come because he sees the tasty morsel, not because he sees or hears his name being called. Uh, however, that's still dog training whether he's coming because I tell him to at first or he's coming towards me for a treat. Regardless. The thing is, is he's still coming towards me. There are a lot of Mainers and problem behaviors in dog training too. A lot of people, you don't really need a sit stay. Uh, you don't really need your dog to walk off leash. Uh, all you need is a strong recall. And then calming behaviors inside and then not darting out the doors. Those are some of the basic things that will teach a dog how to live in a human environment. Um, and they're just really simple for dog training.  For darting in and out of the doors and stead of having your dog dart, what you do is you open your door while simultaneously I'm applying some sort of pressure to your dog's chest, can use a foot touch, a hand touch, a tug backwards on the leash, what have you, but don't let that dog outside until he stops moving towards the door. You do that consistently enough and that's going to become what we call an automatic behavior. So instead of rude and pushiness, now your dog is sick, is waiting to be let outside for your command. Um, and so that's how you can apply the dog training towards just your everyday life going in and out of the doors. Everybody does that. And then if you add a tasty morsel to the dog's mouth, as soon as he stops moving forward, that's going to highlight that behavior and make it stand out in the dog's mind.  Dog may think something like that, "an, I want to go outside. I want to go outside. My owner's not letting me, okay, I'm not listening to my owner. Oh my gosh, a piece of steak that was delicious. What? How did I just get that steak? How can I get that steak next time?” And once your dog has thoughts around those, kind of a, along that premise, then, um, you're right around her, right on your way to getting a well behaved dog with good manners. You'll stop rude and pushy behaviors inside the house. You'll stop darting out of the door and you'll end up with just a solid, well-trained  Another thing, um, that is super simple to work on. you have your treats with you, you've stopped the darting behaviors. Now what we want to do is get the dog that's high energy to be calm or energy inside. what I recommend is the color for this one. Um, you're going to have to teach your dog the four pillars of how to use the color. The four pillars are, where is the stimulation coming from? How to turn the stimulation off, how to turn the stimulation on, and how to avoid the stimulation. Once the dog understands those four pillars, now we can rock and roll with using the color. when your dog is super hyper, you can hold down a vibration setting on the collar, vibrating the dog's neck, and you're going to hold that vibration down until the dog gives some sort of calming signal, lip lick, scratch, look away, sit, lay down. He goes and finds a bed, something like this. Then you let off. And if he still doesn't move, then you can throw a tree at him and it doesn't have to get right towards him. If he has to get up and go and get it, that's fine. Um, but it's still along the lines of your dog's thinking. Quote, how did I get that treat? How can I get it again in quotes?  by doing this, your dog will start to understand that man, as soon as I'm running around, I'm hyper inside. I always have this vibration, this annoying vibration on my neck, and I don't like that. to shut that off, I have to be calm, cool, and collected because every time I'm calm, cool and collected, that vibration stops. So that is the way to keep high energy. Dogs calm inside very, very quickly. It does not take much time at all to do very simple, easy dog training to stop rude, pushy, high energy behaviors.  Another simple and great tool, uh, for dog training is also the place command. this is a dog Cod that's lifted off of the ground. It can be anything that's lifted off the ground. You want something that's lifted off the ground because if theanimals bed is on the ground, what's going to happen is he's going to start to test you. He's going to sprawl out, and then he's going to get a foot on the floor. And then that leads to two feet on the floor and then three and then four, and then suddenly placed. Doesn't mean get on the bed anymore. Place means lay right next to the bed. And that also means that I can get up whenever I want. to keep the dog from slipping and to keep us from always having to be on guard, it's best to have something that's lifted off of the ground.  You can simply guide your dog to the dog and get him on there. And once he's on there and start feeding him, once you start feeding him, pulled on the leash to try to pull them off. Only this time, if he tries to come off, tell him no, push him back on the dog cut. And you keep doing that until when you pull on the leash, she doesn't get off. Then you feed him for not getting off. When you pull the leash and boom, you just taught him how to stay put. So now he has a somewhere to stay inside and this will stop that wandering constant behavior. So that's another great way to have good dog training, to stop that high energy. Uh, how to stop the rude, pushy behaviors in your dog, uh, to stop that chaos, that, uh, unsettled, restless behavior from your dog inside. And those are great ways and great tips to use to apply. And you'll be seeing immediate results, I'm sure. And your overall dogs calmness, peacefulness, and home. And just by applying those simple dog training methods.

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