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Tulsa Dog Training

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Dog Training in Tulsa dog training in Tulsa some of the main places we like to go is the gathering places Lowe's Home Depot there's biscuit acres there's a Hawthorne dog park walk down Riverside they walk down the trails of Elwood Turkey Mountain of our favorite places to go over Dog Training in Tulsa it's important for us to use the mini educator systems or the Ecollar tool we Use a balanced approach and our dog training we try to be as well balanced as we can as dog trainers and when we are Dog Training in Tulsa or main key is to focus on the dogs and I understand exactly where their issues are with their floors are in there and balances and how we can bring a balance to them and a strong peace of mind each training lesson typical consistent about an hour long after that the dogs tend to lose their focus and we see a lot of dogs are in training in Tulsa or dog training in broken arrow or dog training in Oklahoma dog training in jinx a lot of the dogs that we see while we're out training golden doodles and poodles Does German Shepherd's Rottweilers cava poos Golden Retriever's English cream golden retrievers these are a lot of really typical and the popular breeds like the French bulldog and them breeds like that we typically see a lot of those are those are some of our specialties to work with but we use well-balanced approaches with our E collar systems and him so yeah so I'll go ahead and take you through a typical day of Dog Training in Oklahoma or Tulsa with her Our educators are mini educator systems typically will drive and start out I got to make sure that the dogs have water food we have a backpack with water the food and the treats a handheld Tayser in case any other stray dogs come close we have a way to defend ourselves we always carry a first aid kit so for a dog first aid kit and I don't have a bunch of different that stuff inside of it like a bandage is Rob scars alcohol Benadryl Neosporin anything that really care for slight abrasions that a dog may have or coming to contact with and so we got her backpacks or sunglasses or hats we have A Peaceful Pack Dog Training logos and then the training starts when we're in the car we make sure The dogs are laying down calm and steady on the car ride to wherever we're going it's important that the dogs are in a calm relaxed manner all the time while in the car so they don't become reactive and start to bark or freak out when they see another dog on the street or if a fire truck goes by and it just keeps the dogs in a really relaxed COM state and we find that is the best state for the dogs to learn so we do a drill where we open the door whenever we get to where we're going and as soon as the door is open we make sure that the dogs stay put we want to make sure that our dog training that the dogs stay put and then they don't run outside as soon as the doors are open so it will do as well open the door will talk backwards on the dogs leashes will tap the Ecollar And whenever we open the door and the dogs don't jump we've known we've hit our dog training goals and then will go ahead and give them the command that we use for Dog Training which is out or come and the dog would jump out of the vehicle and then once we get the dog out of the vehicle will typically settle his mind by doing a couple of leash tags or Ecollar tabs with our mini educator systems once the dog begins to settle down and takes a deep breath then will begin our walk and so what we like to do is start walking and give the dog a little bit of space walk him over some grass if he's got a pee or poop he can do so well while before the walk because during the walk we don't allow any sniffing or peeing or pooping and I'm so we just keep on walking and once we're starting to walk we really keep the dog in tune Dog begins to sniff we correct that with an E collar tab or at least hug if the dog begins to see another dog approaching we're going to go out and interact with the dog by a leash tag or any color top and typically if it's a German Shepherd or a French bulldog Rottweiler Doberman great Pyrenees cow dog husky or let me think a little cattle dog those dogs are going to become more reactive typically because they're working breed of dog but no matter the least hugs and the e-card tabs will bring the dogs focus back to you regardless and that's critical while you're walking to maintain focus so that the dogs don't eat I'll get distracted and then go off I'm at a tangent in Chase so what else it's so those are a few tips for Dog Training and Tulsa dog training and broken Arrow Dog Training in Jenks canine training in Oklahoma canine training in broken Arrow canine training in Tulsa canine training in Jenks and that's a great way to start for your giving your dog is best life

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