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What does a good refresher course look like?

Typically, I schedule our clients out for their refresher course after their board and training dog training and Tulsa one week after the board and training or private training is through. When I get to the client's house, I ask them what areas are they struggling with? Any of the behaviors that the dog struggling with the client will then start to give me the most common areas that we see are jumping up on people getting off a place prematurely whining when the owner leaves the room and the dog is still on place, sometimes not coming when called. These are the main issues. for the best dog training after board and training or private training, the refresher course dog trainer needs to go over those issues and deal with them directly and individually and make sure that the client understands fully before they leave.

The first behavior we'll work on say his place now to work on place command after a board and training or private training for the best dog training in Tulsa. What you want to do is repeat the circumstance of the dog, got off the dog caught and then you want to use E color for the collar training to apply stimulation or vibration. When the dog gets off of the dog caught during the specific situation that caused him to, and you're going to hold down the E color stimulation for each call or training or the vibration on the collar for you collar training until the dog gets back on the dog caught. What we'll do is we'll walk through many circumstances. If the dog gets off for a loud noise will trigger a bunch of loud noises. If the dog gets off for people jumping up and down upstairs, we'll repeat that. If the dog gets off for people coming to the door, we're going to repeat that one. We're going to activate the E color for the color or the vibration for the collar training and make sure that we have the best dog training and Tulsa.

Some of the other things that the clients say that they have trouble with is jumping now to stop the jumping. There's two ways that we like to handle it. One is managing the dog's energy. You want to make sure that the dog stays under a level seven say on the energy how you can do that as a verbal correction, a verbal no or a lie. He or tap on the stimulation to slow the dog's energy down. If the dog's energy stays low enough, he will not jump. He will not buy it. You will not lose his mind, but if the dog's energy gets past a certain point, that's when you're going to start to see the jumping problems and all sorts of behavioral issues like this. It's important to use your E color for the color training and that's how to have the best dog training and Tulsa and that's how to stop jumping. That's how to stop your dog from jumping up on guests. Another issue we get is separation anxiety. The dog whining whenever the owner leaves the room, how are we going to handle this? One is we're going to leave the room. We're going to wait one second before going back in and delivering a treat to the dog using positive reinforcement for positive reinforcement dog training to keep the dog happy, healthy, and in a good frame of mind. We're going to leave for one second and come in, reward them with positive reinforcement. We're going to leave. We're going to come back in two seconds. Then we're going to increase the duration of time that we're gone from one second to two seconds to three seconds, four seconds, five seconds. We're going to find out when the dog starts to whine. Say the dog whines at 30 seconds, then we'll come in at 28 seconds and reward and we're going to keep waiting until the dog whines before we come back into reward for best dog training in Tulsa.

Another issue that we see often, um, for dog behaviors are the clients don't understand how to properly use the collar or tighten the collar around the dog's neck tight enough. And when the color is not tight enough, the dog gets no stimulation and the collar is rendered useless. It's important to make sure that your dog seat color is on tight at all times and that will help you to have the best dog training and Tulsa or the best dog training in Oklahoma that you could possibly have while using the color, uh, for how to stop jumping or how to stop separation anxiety for how to stop whining on the dog caught, how to stop whining and the kennel, how to stop high energy when greeting, how to stop at guests, how to stop running away and not coming when called, how to stop your dog from not listening to you and how to teach your dog to listen to you. The most important thing is to make sure that the collar is on tight enough.

Those are a few examples of how we do a refresher course at a peaceful pack and a peaceful pack dog training number one dog training company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Best dog training at a peaceful pack. He call our technologies, he call her, and that's kind of have the best refresher course.

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