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What dog training is right for you?

there is a couple of different dog training out there. Um, there's board and training and board and training for dog training as where the dog is picked up or dropped off at a facility and then as kept for uh, two to eight weeks sometimes and during that time the dog is trained, um, on all the behavioral issues you're having, how to not pull on a leash, how to look you in the eyes or what have you.

then typically within the board and training there is sometimes where you, the owner go to actually work with your dog to make sure that when you get home, you know what you're doing. Then there's private training where the dog trainer will come to your home and train with you or we'll meet you in a public place and train you to train your dog.Typically 90% of the work is done by you. 10% of the work is done by the trainer and it's more of just a having a coach, dog training coach, coached through the process. Typically these are more a less expensive than the board and training packages, um, because they require more work on your part. There are group classes you can go to. This is where typically a group will be four to 20 people. Uh, you'll bring your dog and there'll be one trainer we'll train everybody at once and, um, teaching everybody how to do, um, the drills and how to do the techniques. Um, I heard typically everybody brings their own dogs. So that's a bigger, a larger group of people.

then there's Skype training where coach can call you, a dog trainer can call you over the phone and uh, discuss with you what you need to have, kind of lay out your goals and strategies and give you the basics of information of how to train your dog. And so typically those are the four ways of training that are most commonly used and found. So now what training is right for you? So it depends on what type of dog you have. If you have a dog that is not comfortable around other dogs, um, your dog is leash, your dog, his dog or aggressive. Your dog is social dominant. Your dog is unruly, rude, pushy. Your dog whines and screams when he sees other dogs, your dog growls or barks at other dogs. So if that's your dog, then group classes are probably not your best bet to start the training with. Unless the dog trainer okays that with you, you would probably be more likely to fit within the Skype call, the board and training or the private training classes. Then the second question is how much of the work do you want to do yourself?

If you want a professional to train your dog on all the steps of how to stop pulling on the leash, how to manage your dog. When guests come over, how to teach a proper greeting, how to teach eye contact, how to get on the place command, how to come when called, how to stop play biting, how to stop jumping on the counters, how to stop jumping up on guests, how to stop their energy from being too hyper. How to stop from being dog reactive on a leash. How to teach your dog to look you in the eyes. How to teach your dog to sit, how to teach your dog to stay, how to teach your dog to get down, how to teach your dog to stay down, how to teach your dog to behave in public. Then board and training is the option that you want to be going towards. Borden training is a great way to do the minimal amount of work and have the maximum amount of benefit and uh, teaching.

Now if you want to do some of the work but not all the work and you're not sure, you're not confident about how to teach or train your dog, uh, and you and your dog doesn't get along with other dogs and private training is the best option for you. Private training is a great way to, uh, have the trainer come to your own home and to list out your goals and to have them walk you through each steps of how to sit, how to teach your dog to sit, how to teach your dog to not jump, how to teach your dog to stay off the furniture, how to teach your dog to get on place, how to teach your dog to stop barking, how to teach your dog to stop, to come when called, how to teach your dog to sit and stay, how to teach your dog to down and stay at a teacher dog to be Haven public. Private training is definitely the best bet for you. Uh, and it'll work well. If your dog is well-behaved with other dogs and you don't care whether you do a lot of the work, then a group class or a group seminar would be the choice for you at these groups. Seminars, the dogs are able to socialize and interact with the other dogs and it's also a great distraction to train around a bunch of other dogs and your dog will get a lot of benefit from training in that group. And lastly, if you live in another state or country and you want to do all the training yourself, then a Skype call is the, is the way to go for you. Uh, Skyping, um, is a great way to get all the information you need to get organized in your thoughts and then to begin tackling those tough dog behavioral problems like aggression, pulling on the leash, dog training recall any sort of issue you're having. Skype would be the way to go from that point.

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